Creative Visual Services

Fun fact: Our brains process 90% of the data translated to the brain as visual information and first impressions are formed within the first 10 seconds – meaning they are everything!  You’ve heard this before.  In retail, visual presentation IS the first impression.   We’re here to help your business make the BEST visual impression possible that will translate into a positive, feel-good experience.  We know which questions to ask to determine if your retail store, trunk show, or e-commerce website needs some re-evaluating.  

With years of experience working directly with cross functional senior management teams at corporate and store levels, we can create an objective overview of your store’s opportunities for success and design specific presentation solutions that raise brand standards, promote products more effectively, and increase sales.

  • Visual Merchandising
  • Window Concepts + installation
  • Visual Standard Implementation
  • Store Design + Construction

What We Deliver

Store Layout Evaluation - We will evaluate store design and construction to identify key selling zones and opportunities.  We’ll create a new space planning design and maximize your fixtures and lighting.

Visual Store Analysis - We will explore sell through performance to determine visual focus opportunities and successes.  We will create a strong visual merchandising plan for prominent product presentation and placement.

Store Review – You will receive a detailed written report outlining the strategic recommendations based on the areas of focus.   We’ll help you to identify and tell your unique story – one your shopper will feel and want to experience again and again.

“Find beauty in the detail. ”

— Tessa Garcia

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